We turn Open Banking / PSD2 bank transactions into a score.

We are building the equivalent of FICO score™ for Open Banking data.

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How the service works

After you obtain the Open Banking report from an AISP, send it to our API and you will receive a score as a response.

Our score is well proofed and shielded against the frequent data drifts of Open Banking

Simple and understandable - yet powerful models

Trained with machine learning, but curated by our expert team.

Our credit scoring expertise at your service!

Lightspeed integration

In only one day of work you can have our API integrated in your risk policy.

Connect to the AISP of your preference (Tink, Unnax, Instantor, Equifax, etc.) to get the bank account transactions of the customer

Send that data to our scoring API

Receive a score in milliseconds

Start your test tomorrow

We will reach out to you in one business day with all the details you need to start using our scoring API.

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Reject customers who are below a given threshold (we can help you to decide on the set threshold)

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